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Reference sources

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is such an important and foundational book that there has been a great deal written about the story and it's author. A great place to start your own research is with reference sources, encyclopedias, atlas, dictionaries.  Reference sources provide background information, summaries, and hopefully ideas on how to proceed with your researching. There is also much more information than just the text. Use the entire source including the bibliography. This box has links to a few reference sources on the story and the author.

Journal articles

Journal articles are great sources for finding support for your own argument or point of view. There are 2 different types of articles in our databases, popular and peer reviewed. Popular articles come from magazines intended for the general reader, not complicated and general not a great deal of depth. Peer reviewed articles are intended for academics and students. These articles have gone through the peer review process, meaning that academics (professors) read over the article before the it was published and approved it. In contrast to popular these articles have complexity and depth. And the come in many flavors. Academics have looked at this story through many different angles, psychologically, politically, economically to name just a few. Below there are links to some peer reviewed articles to give you an idea of what they look like. For instructions on how to search for articles in the databases look in the Find Articles box below. 


You can also find book length critiques of Jekyll and Hyde. Below is a link to an example. For instructions on how to search for books in the database please see the Find Books box below. Even though our print books are inaccessible now we still have many e books available to us.