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HIS 101: Biography Sources

Smart Searching for Biographies Online

gandhi searchThe all-in-one search also retrieves many online biography sources, such as eBooks.

It is possible to limit the search so only one type of source shows in the results. 

In this example, eBooks is not immediately visible. Clicking on "show more" will reveal all of the available media types.



source typeslimit to ebooks

Finding biographies using databases

1. Begin on our Research page. Scroll down to "Refine by subject," and select Biographies from the drop down list.

biography reference center 

2. Choose Biography Reference Center.

3. Enter the name of your subject, or browse through the biographies using different search criteria: era, nationality, occupation, gender, etc. You can tap biographies from several different sources, and use the citation and retrieval tools on the top right of any article.

Mahatma Gandhi bios