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Copyright & Fair Use

Additional Links

  • Copyright Basics (U.S. Copyright Office) A basic primer on copyright - what it is, who can claim it, what works are protected, how to secure copyright, how long copyright protection lasts, how to register copyright, etc. 
  • Crash Course in Copyright (University of Texas) Aimed primarily toward faculty, this site presents a "syllabus" with clickable links to topics of interest, such as creating multimedia and online presentations.  Also offers a tutorial on the copyright basics, "especially in the distance learning context."  The site is authored by Georgia K. Harper, manager of the Intellectual Property Section of the Office of General Counsel,  University of Texas.
  • Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia These are guidelines developed during the Conference on Fair Use (CONFU) held in the mid-1990s.  While not officially approved, these guidelines stand as a "safe harbor' for those wishing to use multimedia in educatonal settings. 
  • Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians (U.S. Copyright Office) This is a guide for teachers and librarians on the fair use and photocopying provisions of the copyright law.  It presents "basic information on some of the most important legislative provisions and other documents dealing with reproduction by librarians and educators."
  • Washington State University: Copyright This site presents copyright law as it applies to higher education. Sections include: "What Copyright  Protects," "What Copyright Does Not Protect," "How Copyright Protects," "Public Domain and Duration of Copyrights," "Music and Copyright," "Internet and Copyright," "Library and Copyright," "Public Domain Chart," and "Public Domain Resources."