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ANT 104: Cultural Anthropology

Databases for Anthropology topics

The following databases are recommended as a startinStudents speak with Maasai people in traditional dress in Kenyag point for

research on topics related to Anthropology.

THE FIRST SEARCH BAR IS FOR DISCOVERY, which will search across databases managed by Ebsco first.

Consider the following search strategies:


Tips for Searching... 

  • Keep your search terms simple. For example: Ethiopia, kinship, economic anthropology, etc. Using sentences or long phrases can result in poor results.
  • Better search terms: You'll see every article is tagged with subjects describing the article. Try matching your search terms to these subject terms to get better results.
  • Narrow your results: You will often receive hundreds (if not thousands) of articles in your search, focus your results to make it MUCH easier to find what you need! Here's two ways to do this...
    1. Use the left column to "Refine Results":  
      • Selecting "Available in Print + Online" limits the list to articles you can access now.
      • Publication date can limit articles to a specific time period.
      • Source type allows you to limit the search to just magazines, academic journals, books, etc.
      • Subject shows common subjects within your search.
      • Click "show more" for additional options within each category.
    2. "AND": Use the word "AND" to connect two ideas in your search such as "China AND filial piety" It will limit your search to only articles that have both terms in common.
    3. You can use both of these methods together!
  • Email articles: When you click an article title, you'll see "email" in the right column. This method will include the option to include an APA or MLA citation!

How to find articles