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For Faculty

Add a research guide to your Blackboard course

Link to guide in Course menu

Here are the step to adding a library research guide to your Blackboard Course menu:

  • Copy the web address (URL) of the library research guide from the address bar.
  • Within your Blackboard Course, click on the + icon at the top of your menu.
  • From the dropdown menu select Web Link.
  • In the Web Link window, enter the menu item title, then paste the URL from the research guide.
  • Click the Available to Users checkbox and click the Submit button.

Your library research guide will appear as a menu item in the left-hand sidebar menu.

Link to guide within a page

You can also simply add the guide to the text of a page.

  • Type out the name of the guide or other words that will act as the link.
  • Highlight those words, then click the Insert/Edit Link tool in the second row of the toolbar.
  • Paste in the guide URL into the Link Path box
  • Select the Target dropdown menu and choose Open in New Window (_blank)
  • Click the Submit button to complete the link,

Add a database article to your course

Instructions on sharing articles from Academic Search Premier or other Ebsco databases such as CINAHL and Business Source.

  1. Click on title of article desired
  2. In the right toolbar, click on the "Permalink" tool
  3. Copy the link from the resulting box.
  4. Using this link within Blackboard allows you to connect your student directly to the original article
  5. You can also create an account and save all your articles!
    1. Click the "Sign In" link in the toolbar.
    2. Click "Create a New Account"
    3. Enjoy these benefits of saving articles to your folder and keeping track of your research!

Add a Films on Demand Video to your Course

How to embed a Films on Demand video in Blackboard: 

  • Find the FOD video you wish to share with your students.
  • Under the video, click on the Share link and a box with sharing options will appear.
  • Click the Embed Code option and multiple code snippets will appear. 
  • Below the LTI Link, click the Highlight link and copy the now highlighted code.

  • In Blackboard, go to the page where you want the video to appear and enter Edit Mode.
  • Click on the page where you wish the video to appear, then click the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button in the toolbar

  • On the media embedding screen, click the Type dropdown menu and select iFrame

  • The paste the LTI code into the File/URL box.
  • Enter Dimensions of 660 x 530, then click the Update button.
  • This will return you to your page where you can click the Submit button to make the changes live.