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BIO 260: Genetics

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Genetic CodeThis guide is provided to offer sources for research on topics related to Genetics

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Find Articles A selection of "best bet" databases to use when looking for journal articles.

Find Books Suggested books, and online catalog search help tips.

Find Video Suggested online videos and video search.

Find Web Pages Free study sets and tips for online searching.

APA Style Guide Guides for formatting papers.

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Basic Terms and Definitions

Genetics. By: Arduengo, Michele, Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2021 (Research Starter)

At its most basic, genetics is the study of genes, which are sequences of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) that instruct cells to function through chemical processes, especially the production of proteins. Genes are passed from parents to their offspring, making them the basic units of heredity, or the passage of traits from generation to generation. Heredity and genetic variation are seen as key drivers of evolution by natural selection, making genetics an important subject in virtually every field of biology. Some of the key subfields of genetics including population genetics, medical genetics, and epigenetics. Another closely related science is genomics, which focuses on complete sets of genes in organisms—genomes—rather than individual genes... (continue)

Science News Literacy and the Scientific Method

Know how to verify legitimate scientific claims, and debunk junk science.

The Problem of Bad Science:Simple model of scientific method

"'Bad Science' Is Everywhere. What Can We Do to Stop Its Spread?" 

"When research evidence is misleading" (2013)

"Trust: The Need for Public Understanding of How Science Works."

Addressing the Problem:

The Center for Open Science - Providing an infrastructure for detailed reporting scientific experiments and and the promotion of reproducible discoveries.

Unpaywall - Browser plugin that allows legal and free access to full texts of peer reviewed journal articles. Best when paired with the Open Access Button - Free, legal research articles and data delivered instantly or automatically requested from authors.

Little Maxima - Virtual Reality News Reader

Evaluating sources using the ABC test - Authority, Bias, and Currency. (video)

More on the Scientific Method. From Dziak, M. (2014). Scientific method. Salem Press Encyclopedia Of Science.