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NUR 217: Concepts of Nursing VI

Peer Teaching Project

social determinants of healthNUR 217 students are expected to create a Peer teaching Project with the same group of peers who completed the Photo Elicitation Project.

They must choose a Healthy People 2030 Objective that is related to one of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) needs found in the assigned community. The objective chosen should be either declining or little or no detectable change. 

This project calls on students to develop a teaching presentation that would educate their peers on the chosen Healthy People 2030 Objective using the SBAR format. They must use at least five (5) sources with three (3) research/evidence-based articles  to support the analysis and recommendations in the teaching presentation. All sources must have been published within the last 5 years, and be shared in an APA format reference list at the end of presentation. 

•    Situation: Describe the chosen objective. Include the current state of the objective-is it declining, or little to no detectable change?

•    Background: Describe why this objective was created and why it is important. 

•    Assessment: Analyze what is going on with the objective and why you think the objective is where it is at currently. Use evidence to support the analysis. 

•    Recommendation: Using evidence-based journals, apply three (3) possible solutions to improve this objective. Apply the nurse’s role in each of these solutions.