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NUR 106: Concepts of Nursing and NUR 050: Transition into Associate Degree Nursing

Quoting Quality Sources

public health passage highlighted

Highlight, take notes, and otherwise mark up articles from quality sources, peer reviewed, if possible. Quote or paraphrase what you find, giving credit to the authors.  

Databases for Nursing

Search Tips

Some NUR 106 tasks can be made easier with advanced search settings. Assignments often call for the exclusive use of Nursing Journals published in the United States

For CINAHL, scroll down to Journal Subset, and select "Nursing."

journal subset nursing

To the right of Journal Subset, you will find Geographic Subset, which you can set to "USA."

geographic subset USA

Return to the search box above and run your search. You should see this box to the left of your results:

journal and geographic subset nursing

Tutorial: How to find articles