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DHG 100: Theory and Practice of Dental Hygiene I

Peer Reviewed Journals for Dental Hygiene Students

Peer reviewed journals are a dental hygiene student's best source of original research in the field. To read the most current issue of a professional dental hygiene journal is to keep up to date on the latest scholarly conversation in the field, and be more aware of the issues and trends that are most relevant to your peers. To search a database that collects the most current issues as well as previous issues, using key words to focus on specific topics, is to understand how the conversation has evolved into its latest form, and what future evidence-based research may be pursued on dental hygiene topics of great importance. 

section of periodontal entry, prevention and treatment.

When quoting directly or paraphrasing from peer reviewed sources from nursing journals, be sure to give credit to the authors using the proper method of citation.  (See APA Style Guide)

Below: Peer Review explanation video.

Databases for Dental Hygiene

Searching for Journal Articles in PubMed

Type your search into the search box. When searching PubMed, use few words and be as specific as possible. If your first search is unsuccessful, try to think of another term to use or use a broader term.

pubmed search "caries risk assessment"

Adopting caries risk assessment in all practice environments

By default, PubMed sorts the most recent articles to the top. The user may opt to resort them by relevance.

It's also possible to filter results, and concentrate on articles held in print at the libraries.

Limiting results to Montgomery County Community College

Tutorial: How to find articles