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REA 011/017 - Pro and Con - Evaluating Sources

Pro and Con Sources

The following resources will allow you to explore current issues and problems for which there are pro and con arguments and/or opposing viewpoints for solutions and/or legislative action. The first two items in the list of resources are two college library databases: CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints. CQ Researcher is the database that you will use to complete your assignment. It is comprised of in-depth reports on current issues thoroughly researched and written by a reporter. Each report of about 26 pages includes a Pro/Con page in which the reporter poses a question to two experts who each provide very different answers to the question. It is important to think critically about the points each expert makes to support and defend their position on the issue.

The Opposing Viewpoints database is included in this list of resources, because it features Viewpoint Essays for current issues that offer very different perspectives on a single issue. It is a database that may be helpful to you in other class assignments. This database and the CQ Researcher database are subscribed to by the college library which means that the college pays a subscription fee for these databases. The "Database Search Guide", located just underneath the databases linked below, will show you how to use the databases to complete your information literacy project.

The two freely available websites provided in the list are also very helpful for exploring multiple perspectives on current issues. The ProCon website offers pro and con arguments on current issues, while the AllSides website presents three articles on the same issue, each from a different political perspective for key news stories of the day, representing the issue from the political Left, Center, and RIght.