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Nicole Maugle

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What is currently available on Kanopy?

Currently licensed in alphabetical order

An evening with the Royal Ballet (Expires March 2021)

Alvin Ailey - An Evening With The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (Expires Nov 2021)

Angry Inuk - Seal Hunting and the Inuit (Expires September 2021)

Beauty and the Beast (Cocteau) (Expires January 2022)

Best years of our lives (Expires January 2022)

Bicycle thieves (Expires April 2021)

Body composition: managing our expectations (Expires June 2021)

Bugs For Breakfast: Food and Culture (Expires March 30, 2021)

China from peppercorns to tea  (Expires June 2021)

Class Divide - Effects of Gentrification in West Chelsea, NYC (Expires April 2021)

El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade (Expires Nov 2021)

Everyday gourmet (series) (Expires June 2021)

Fair Trade and chocolate: the divine story (Expires  Nov 2021)

Fat: not the nutritional bad guy (Expires June 2021)

Heaven is a traffic jam on the 405 (Expires April 2021)

Joy of Mediterranean cooking (series) (Expires August 2021)

Martha Graham, A Dancer's World (contains Appalachian Spring) (expires November 2021)

My Brooklyn - Demystifying Gentrification (Expires March 2021)

Naked city (Expires January 2022)

Paycheck to paycheck  (Expires Dec 2021)

Red  (Expires April 2021)

Sauces from buerre blanc to bechamel (Expires September 2021)

Science of weight and weight loss (Expires June 2021)

Seven Samurai (Expires September 2021)

Solaris (Expires September 2021)

Tastes of the Mediterranean  (series) Expires August 2021)

Tokyo story (Expires January 2022)

Three colors: Red (expires April 2021)

A Trip to the Moon - In Its Original 1902 Colors/The Extraordinary Voyage (Expires September 2021)

White like me: racism and privilege in America. (Expires June 2021)

The World of Alwin Nikolais Program 3 (expires Nov 2021)