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Creating Reading Lists in Blackboard Using Curriculum Builder

Curriculum Builder

Curriculum Builder is a Blackboard add-in for the library’s licensed discovery service EDS (Ebsco Discovery Service).  It allows you to create reading lists using library subscriptions, open educational resources, streaming video, and other web materials, without ever leaving your Blackboard course shell*.  You can organize the readings the way you want students to see them.  Students can access these links right from Blackboard.

*Curriculum Builder may work best, in Blackboard, using Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Activating Curriculum Builder in Your Course Site

You begin using Curriculum Builder by adding a readings link to the Course Documents area.  You can add Curriculum Builder lists more than once, if you wish to create multiple links to different readings lists with different folders.  Or you can do this just once.  It depends on how you decide to organize the materials for your students.


1.  In edit mode in your course Blackboard Site, select Course Documents.



2.  From the Tools menu, scroll down and select EDS Curriculum Builder.



3.  Name this area something that students will understand, such as "Assigned Readings."


4.  Click on submit to save.