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ECO 110/121/122: Elements of Economics; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics

Macroeconomic ebooks

These are some of the most relevant ebooks on macroeconomics. You can search for more books on that subject, in print or online, using the search tool below.

Search Tips

  • Search: The box above searches books and audiovisual materials held in the central and west campus libraries. It also searches online videos and e-books. You will not find journal articles. Keep your search terms simple using the names of concepts such as "Keynesian Theories" or "Interest Rates" as opposed to full sentences.
  • Browse: You can also browse the shelves for books using the Library of Congress Subject Divisions. Books on subjects related to Macroeconomics may be found within the HB1-846 ranges devoted to "Economic theory: history, methodology, general works." Books specifically about Macroeconomics start at about HB170.‚Äč

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