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English as a Second Language (ESL)


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Welcome to ESL at MC3 libraries.

We hope you will find things here that help you to learn English. There are many links to web resources in this guide.

The library also offers many resources for you to borrow. They are kept in a special section of shelving on the main level.

Please come by the Library to speak with any reference librarian for help. 

What's in this guide?

This guide provides links to recommended sources for learning English. Use the tabs at left to navigate the pages of this guide. There are also plenty of websites to explore for practicing written and spoken English.

There is a collection of ESL learning materials in the Brendlinger Library for you to check out and use. Many of these items are AV (audio-visual)  materials including DVDs, Cds, and Kits which combine a workbook with a DVD or CD. 

  • Here is a list of vocabulary terms that we use in the library

Vocabulary List for ESL Students:

  • Audiovisual resources (AV resources) –  non-print resources; resources that you can hear (audio) and see (visual).
  • title – the name of the dvd or movie, etc. On the ESL list, the title is on the left side of the paper, as you look at the list.
  • author – typically, person who wrote the material; in AV search, can mean anyone involved in the film production.
  • subject – what the film is about.
  • call number – tells you where to find an item on the shelves.  eg. DVD 500.  On the ESL list, the call number is on the right side of the list.
  • materials-- anything that you borrow from the library, includes dvds, cds, books and kits. See below!
  • types/formats of media/materials:
  • dvd-- a video disc     
  • cd – compact [audio] disc
  • cd-rom – for use in the computer
  • kit – contains more than one type of media, such as a dvd with a cd and book or workbook.
  • videotape – VHS cassette
  • audiobook – recorded book, on a cd.
  • films-movies
  • workbooks-- usually in a kit, you can practice with it, but please do not write in the blank lines.
  • student ID – acts as your library card; you must have it to take AV materials home.
  • borrow /check out – taking out materials out of the AV Library to your home. [Borrowing for one week or two]
  • renew – asking to have the material out again, for the next borrowing period (allowed one time per item).
  • due date – the date the materials are to come back to the AV Library.
  • overdue – when AV materials are kept longer than the date they are supposed to come back to AV.
  • late fee /fine – the amount of money we charge when an item is overdue.
  • main desk – the circulation desk where you take AV materials to check them out.
  • online catalog/opac – where you can look up to see if the AV Library owns an item and information about that item.
  • shelves/stacks – where the materials are kept in call number order.
  • viewing stations – equipment where you can view or listen to AV material. This is usually a DVD player and a tv monitor.