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For Faculty

Add a research guide to your Canvas course

add item in canvas - urlTo add a library research guide to your Canvas Course:

  1. Copy the web address (URL) of the library research guide from the address bar.
  2. Within a Canvas Course module, click on the + icon at the top right to add an item.
  3. From the dropdown menu select External URL.
  4. Paste the guide URL in the URL field.
  5. Click Add Item.

Add a database article to your course

To share a specific article from a database such as Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, Business Source Premier, etc., use the permalink URL. To get the exact permalink:

  1. Click on title of the article.
  2. In the right toolbar, click on the "Permalink"
  3. Copy the link from the Permalink box - not the session URL in the browser window at the top of the page.
  4. Within a Canvas Course module, click on the + icon at the top right to add an item.
  5. From the dropdown menu select External URL.
  6. Paste the permalink in the URL field.
  7. Click Add Item.

permalink example

Add a Films on Demand Video to your Course

Films on Demand LinkTo bring a Films on Demand video into your Canvas course: 

  1. Find the FOD video that you wish to share with your students.
  2. Under the video, click on the Share.  A new box with options will appear.
  3. Copy the LTI Link.
  4. In Canvas, go to the module where you want the video to appear and click on + in the top right to add an item.
  5. From the dropdown list, choose External link.
  6. Paste the LTI link in the URL field.
  7. Click on Add item.

Note that you can also go under a video and choose Cite to get the appropriate formatted citations.

FOD share and cite