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MCCC Libraries 3-Week Mini Internships

Opportunity for Student Engagement

The MCCC Libraries are please to offer 3-week mini-internship opportunities for currently enrolled MCCC students identified by Student Success.  The 3 week internships run during spring and fall semesters, and require a 5-10 hour weekly time commitment.  Participating students are paired with library staff who will guide them through directed activities resulting in three takeaways; a display of tangible materials (e.g., books and dvds), a digital display on a related topic, and an online research guide meant to inform and aid other students interested in this topic. 

Interested?  Here's what you should do:

  1. Talk with your advisor or mentor and ask them to recommend you for the internship.
  2. Work with your advisor or mentor to identify a three week period during the semester in which you will have time to put 5-10 hours weekly into the internship.
  3. Ask you advisor or mentor to reach out to the Dean of Libraries to see if an internship is possible during the weeks you will be available.
  4. When you start your internship, come prepared with a topic that excites and interests you.