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MGT 110: Introduction to Business

Company and Industry Profiles

American FactFinder

  • Use the option boxes on the left (topics, geographies, ...) to narrow your search results.
  • Keep searches simple to start. Try starting with a geography, then pick either a topic (to find demographic info) or an industry to find economic information.
  • "Topics" include broad categories such as people, housing and economics.
  • Some reports do not cover all geographies (ie. may be limited to state or national levels).
  • Not all economic reports include small businesses. Thus may not include data.
  • Click the "Clear All Selections" link between searches.
  • To find specific datasets, such as the 2007 Economic Census, click on the Topics, then click "datasets.
  • Handbook for finding economic data using American FactFinder. (pdf document)

Additional Sources