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Betzwood Studios

Betzwood Patents

Siegmund Lubin kept a number of engineers and designers on his payroll to provide his company with new and innovative technology in the rapidly changing motion picture industry. Many of their inventions received patents and the devices and machines were in use at the Betzwood studio. Of the names mentioned in the patent specs below, Julien Tessier and Lodewyk Holst continued to work in the industry for decades after Betzwood closed. 

1. Film Cleaning and Polishing Machine.

2. Camera Lens and Diaphragm Adjusting Mechanism.

3. Motion Picture Film. (This innovation was never actually used.)

4. Motion Picture Mechanism.

5. Film Magazine.

6. Film Guiding Mechanism.

7. Tripod Head. 

8. Motion Picture Printing Machine.

9. Photographic Printing Machine.