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BIO 115: Environmental Biology

Terms and Definitions

  • Biodiversity: "Biodiversity is generally used to refer to all aspects of variability evident within the living world, including diversity within and between individuals, populations, species, communities, and ecosystems."
  • Endangered Species: "any plant or animal species whose ability to survive and reproduce has been jeopardized by human activities."
  • Human Ecology: "The branch of sociology that is concerned with studying the relationships between human groups and their physical and social environments."
  • Water Pollution: "contamination of water resources by harmful wastes..."

In this Guide

  • almond plantFind Articles Best databases for finding journal articles and tips for using them.
  • Find Books Relevant books and catalog search help.
  • Find Video Suggested streaming videos and help searching the video content.
  • Find Web Pages Accurate and useful free websites.
  • APA Style Guide Formatting hints and examples.

Science News Literacy and the Scientific Method

Know how to verify legitimate scientific claims, and debunk junk science.

The Problem of Bad Science:Simple model of scientific method

"'Bad Science' Is Everywhere. What Can We Do to Stop Its Spread?" 

"When research evidence is misleading" (2013)

"Trust: The Need for Public Understanding of How Science Works."

Addressing the Problem:

The Center for Open Science - Providing an infrastructure for detailed reporting scientific experiments and and the promotion of reproducible discoveries.

Unpaywall - Browser plugin that allows legal and free access to full texts of peer reviewed journal articles. Best when paired with the Open Access Button - Free, legal research articles and data delivered instantly or automatically requested from authors.

Little Maxima - Virtual Reality News Reader

Evaluating sources using the ABC test - Authority, Bias, and Currency. (video)

More on the Scientific Method. From Dziak, M. (2014). Scientific method. Salem Press Encyclopedia Of Science.