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RAD 230: Radiographic Pathology

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  • Public Domain Spine "This was taken at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. The largest curve (53°) is of a magnitude typically near the lower surgery boundary, although many factors decide whether surgery is necessary on a scoliosis case."Find Articles - Best databases for finding journal articles and tips for using them.
  • Find Books -  Relevant books and catalog search help.
  • Find Video - Suggested streaming videos and help searching the video content.
  • Find Web Pages - Accurate and useful free websites.
  • APA Style Guide - Formatting hints and examples.

How to Use Reference Sources

radiationCertain kinds of sources will be particularly useful in the early stages of a research project. Often called "research starters" or passages from reference books, (which can be in print or digital) these sources offer encyclopedia-like entries on your topic.

Whether you are new to the topic, or just trying to confirm what you already know, having access to a subject specific entry will make more advanced searching easier. These sources tend to be brief summaries of what experts consider to be the most important things to know about the topic. 

Example: Radiation

Radiation Protection mind map