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RAD 230: Radiographic Pathology

Use a source, give credit

highlighted text

Highlight, take notes, and otherwise mark up articles from quality sources. Whenever you quote or paraphrase any content, be sure to give credit to the authors.

References page example - the above source in APA style: 

Rajsic, S., Breitkopf, R., Bachler, M., & Treml, B. (2021). Diagnostic Modalities in Critical Care: Point-of-Care Approach. Diagnostics (2075-4418), 11(12), 2202.

Finding Case Studies

If you are looking for the specific type of article known as a case study, one easy way of finding the most useful articles is to include "case study" as one of your search terms. Note: this example limited the search to articles in which "case study" is the subject, for greater accuracy.

ethics and case study search in discovery


Databases for Radiography

Tutorial: How to find articles