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HIS 101: History of Western Civilization I - Ancient Medieval and Early Modern

Smart Searching for Biographies Online

When you are searching for biographical information online, you have two options. You can use the catalog and limit the results to "virtual library," or you can use a database that offers biographies.

Finding biographies using the catalog, and limiting to virtual library

1. Start by searching for the person, using the catalog.

"ghandi" catalog search

2. Click on "virtual library" (or check the box, followed by the "include" button.)

choosing virtual library

All of the remaining search results will be ebooks or streaming video, and accessible from off-campus.

Note: If you haven't logged into the portal already, you may be asked to authenticate once when you actually view your first ebook. It's the same user name and password you use for the portal.

Finding biographies using databases

1. Begin on our Research page. You can scroll down the alphabetically-arranged list of databases until you get to Biography Reference Center, or use the drop down list to "Refine by Subject" choosing "Biographies."

refine by subject biography 

2. Choose Biography Reference Center.

Biography Reference Center


3. Enter the name of your famous person, or browse through the biographies using different search criteria: era, nationality, occupation, gender, etc. You can tap biographies from several different sources, and use the citation and retrieval tools on the top right of any article.

Mahatma Gandhi bios