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Mass Media and Film

Business, Industry, and Marketplace

Getting financial data, film budgets, economic impact on a region, etc., often requires digging through news articles and a variety of sources.  Here are some suggestions.

NAICS codes are useful for searching some of these resources.  Search the 2007 NAICS to see the definitions and break down of the industry codes for the motion picture industry. Enter the number "512" and click on "search 2007 NAICS."

Casts, Credits, and Summaries

Film Indexes Online
This database provides combined access to the British Film Institute's Film Index International and the American Film Institute's AFI Catalog in one easy to use interface.

Film Index International is a filmography covering 118,000 films and 685,000 personalities from over 170 countries, detailing directors, full cast and crew lists, credits, release and production information, biographical information, and lists of awards. All eras of film-making are covered. It also includes searchable plot summaries and references to film journals are cited in many of the entries.

The AFI Catalog is the national filmography, providing detailed information on American feature films including full production and cast information as well as extensive plot summaries. The catalog covers about 46,000 American films from 1893-1958 and 1961-1970. More than 17,500 entries cover the early years of American film from 1893 to 1910. AFI researchers are currently working on entries for films from the 1970s and 1980s.  Read more about it in the FAQ.  Paley Library also has the AFI Catalog in Print.

IMDB: Internet Movie Database
IMDB relies on on-screen credits, press kits, and submissions from the industry and the general public for their information. Includes extensive cast, credits, box office, and other details.