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Instructor's Guide to Artstor


Artstor’s support team receives many questions from students who have been instructed to use Artstor for a class, but cannot figure out how to access or use the resource. Help your students by getting ahead of some of their most frequently asked questions:

  • Registering for an account 
  • Downloading images for papers
  • Citing images
  • Creating presentations using Artstor’s PowerPoint download tool

Registering for an Account

Students must register for an account in order to access from off campus or download images from Artstor. You can share this how-to video with them, or download a PDF version.

Video URL:

Citing Artstor images in Papers

The Library of Congress provides a great overview of how to cite images and other primary source materials like paintings, photographs, and documents. You might want to direct your students to their site for help using images in papers in Chicago, MLA, and APA format:

All images in Artstor Digital Library are accompanied by metadata--data about images including things like title, date, and creator--which provides the details needed to cite images. Metadata appears to the right of an image in Artstor on the image detail page. Students can use this information in the correct citation format to cite images for papers or presentations. 

Artstor also works with Zotero, a popular citation manager add-on for Firefox. Read about using Zotero to index Artstor citations on our support site.

Downloading images

Students are often confused about why they can't download images from Artstor. Typically, this is because they haven't created a registered user account, which gives them the ability to do so. Help your students download images for papers by ensuring they sign up for a registered account using their preferred email address during class. Once they have created an account, they can sign in, open the image they want to download, and click the "download" button."