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Instructor's Guide to Artstor


This page outlines the Artstor Digital Library Terms of Use, as well as permitted and prohibited uses of Artstor images. For more detailed information about Artstor’s Terms of use and copyright, please see our separate Copyright Libguide.

Terms of Use

Subscription agreements require anyone using Artstor to follow these terms:

1. Use of Artstor images must be for educational purposes and non-commercial and scholarly in nature.

2. Use must be limited to the following categories of individuals: 

a. authorized users at your institution (for example, students, teachers, and staff).

b. the audience members at a scholarly or educational presentation, lecture, seminar, or similar activity (via displays and print handouts only).

c. a limited numbers of scholars, researchers, or curators when you are making available a work that incorporates DL content for purposes of collaboration, comment, or similar educational or scholarly use, so long as such use conforms to the customary and usual practice in the field.

3) Images can’t be posted on the open web.

Users agree to the Terms with each download and export; full terms are found here: 

Examples of Permitted and Prohibited Uses

Permitted Uses: Slides for lectures, Student assignments, Research, Printing on classroom handouts or posters, Placing in learning management software, Conference presentations or exhibitions.

Prohibited Uses: Public display, presentation on the open web (Pinterest, personal websites, etc.), sharing images with alumni, publishing in print or electronic formats that are for purchase or created for a commercial purpose, promotional materials for the library or non- Artstor projects, alumni promotional materials, using images on items for sale (T shirts, mugs, etc.).

Using Artstor Images in Publications

If you are looking to use an image you find in Artstor in a publication (a book, scholarly journal article, or thesis/dissertation that will be posted on the open web or otherwise published), you must contact the image owner. It is important to note that Artstor does not own the images in the Digital Library; they are owned by the institutions who graciously contribute them to our database. Contact information is located in the “rights” field in the image’s metadata. In rare instances when the rights field does not provide traceable contact information, please reach out to us at and we will assist you in finding the image owner.