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American Sign Language

Resources collected by your instructor for learning American Sign Language

What's in this guide?

Best sources for American Sign Language!A chart featuring letter signs, historical

Begin here ASLU  [American Sign Language University]  Intuitive and useful sign language videos by

Dr. Bill Vicars


"American Sign Language (ASL) is used by deaf communities throughout the United States and parts of Canada. It is the fourth most commonly learned language in colleges and universities today. ASL is a naturally formed, complex language that relies on manual and facial expressions.  ASL, like other signed languages from around the world, uses expressive properties to produce language in three dimensions. The unique nature of signed language and of its development within deaf communities gives remarkable potential for insight into how human beings are equipped to access, form, and develop languages naturally".. Dr. Jami Fisher Upenn Linguistics Department

Audism and Deaf culture history