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EDU 210: Advocacy assignment

Advocacy Research Project


Select an early childhood issue that particularly moves you, or impassions you to make a change or support.  Consider topics discussed in class or current issues in our society.  For example, free play in early childhood programs, pushing children too soon academically, the use of time-out, funding for Head Start, etc.  

Research your early childhood issue.  Find diverging facts, opinions, or points-of-view using at least 3 reliable sources.

You will prepare both a written and oral presentation

Project Checklist for Oral Presentation

  • Visuals:This should include the issue you are advocating, details about diverging facts, opinions, points-of-view based on your research, and your opinion or personal point-of-view. Presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Discussion questions.   Generate 3 questions about your advocacy issue which will be used for class discussion before, during, or after your presentation.  

Project Checklist for Paper

  • Used three sources

  • APA style
    • ​cover page
    • page numbers and name in the header
    • reference page
    • 3-4 pages in length
    • double spaced