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SPA 101/102: Elementary Spanish I & II

New! Discovery Search

Try Discovery, our new all-in-one search box!

Tips for searching

  • Use the word "and" to connect two search terms/ideas
    • You'll get only the results in common between those terms.
  • Connect your country with other search terms to explore different aspects of your nation.
    • Mexico and food
    • Peru and children
    • Argentina and economy
  • Click on the title of the article to use the Cite and Email tools in the right column.

screenshot of left column search limiters

Left column options limit your search results

  • Select the "Available Print + Online" box to limit your results to materials you can access immediately.
  • Select "Library Catalog" to limit your search to books, videos or other items in our MCCC libraries.
  • Use Publication Date to limit your search to the last five or so years for current information on your country.
  • Select a "Source Type" to limit your search specifically to books, magazines, academic journals, and more. For example...
    • Select "Books" for books and eBooks
    • Select "Reports" for country reports