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SPA 101/102: Elementary Spanish I & II

Government websites from Spanish speaking nations

Governmental websites can be a good source for information on your country. Below is a list of selected government portal and presidential websites from Spanish-speaking nations.

Google Translate: First try practicing your Spanish language reading skills, but Google Chrome browser will automatically offer to translate these pages.

Tips for finding additional governmental websites

  1. Look up your country from the Internet country domains list below. For example, Mexico is .mx
  2. Most governmental websites in Latin America include "gob"
  3. Google has a trick that allows you to search within a type of website using the prefix site:
  4. Thus to find the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education try this search...
    • education

Also check the Nation website listing from Northwestern University Libraries.

Find other websites from your country

​The site: trick can also be used to find any type of website in your country. You can use Spanish in the search too!

  • ​ newspaper or periódico​
  • music or música

Tutorial: How to find good websites