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Betzwood Actors

Edward Roseman

Edward Roseman in the Louis Bennison film, High Pockets.

Freud said “anatomy is destiny,” and looking at the face of Edward Roseman (1875-1957), it is hard to imagine him as anything but a silent film villain.

Born Ernest Frederick Roseman, he appeared in some 50 films between 1913 and 1929, playing character roles for a number of studios. He had a role in The Barrier, the last film made at Lubin’s Philadelphia studio before it closed in 1916. He also appeared in Mary Pickford’s film, The Pride of the Clan, in 1917.  Besides his appearances in Oh! Johnny! and High Pockets, he also had a role in the lost Betzwood feature, Speedy Meade.

Roseman made only one “talkie,” his last film, The House of Secrets, in 1929. He made several stage appearances in the late ’20s, but retired from show business after his last film.

Photo: Edward Roseman in the Louis Bennison film, High Pockets.