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Animation Cinematography Animation sketch by Robert Breer

Animation Cinematography Technique  


Animated Films History And Criticism

Animated Films Technique

Computer Animation

ANIMATED FILMS (all of the Animated DVDs in the collection)


(Image: Robert Breer animation sketch)

Journals (mostly online)

Web Resources

History of Animation - an illustrious if brief introduction to the history of mainstream animation. Your instructor Cheryl Gelover notes that the date is incorrect for Fritz the Cat! Maybe they will fix that soon

Great women animators The history of animation is rich with female contributions; see also Women in Animation

Thinking Animation - great resource for learning more about stop motion, computer-generated animation, and much more. The bloggers are all intimately involved in animation themselves; learn from the experts.

Animation Blogspot - free blogging community for all things animation

Animation Insider - provides reviews of various animation features and has an active community forum

Animated Writing - a variety of animation topics for the novice or experienced animator

Society for Animation Studies - selected for you by animation professor Cheryl Gelover!

Cartoon Brew - also selected for you by animation professor Cheryl Gelover


Just for fun