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CeramicsArt pot by Steven Young Lee

Ceramic Materials

Ceramic Sculpture


Pottery Craft

Pottery Technique                                                                                 

caption for steven young lee

Contemporary Ceramic Artists

Talks by ceramic artists via the CLAY STUDIO

Web Resources

  • Clay Times -- Reference articles from Clay Times that cover all aspects of pottery making including: Forming Techniques, Glazing, Health and Safety, Marketing and Business, and Studio Maintenance.
  • Ceramic Arts Education -- Ceramic resources for clay and glaze recipes, how-to videos, charts, handouts, and many useful tips for throwing, handbuilding, firing, and glazing. Ceramic
  • CeramicsWeb -- Richard Burkett has compiled an extensive amount of ceramics information: databases of glaze recipes and material analyses, links to other ceramics web sites, health and safety information, and a variety of educational materials related to ceramics.
  • The American Ceramic Society -- Provides the latest technical, scientific and educational information to members and others in the ceramics field. Includes a ceramic knowledge center.

Linda Sikora: Wood simulated set  

Journals (online and onsite)

The online journal Hyperallergic sometimes has articles about clay artists, such as this one

Fierce and fantastical experiments in ceramics


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Art of Contemporary American Pottery

American Ceramic Society bulletin 

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Ceramics, art and perception  

Ceramics monthly  

Ceramics technical 

Pottery making illustrated  

Yellow bowl by Cliff Lee   Cliff Lee yellow bowl elevation