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Sandra recommends

Here find some printmakers that printmaker/instructor Sandra Scicchitani admires:


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Relief printing



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Journal of the Early Book Society for the study of manuscripts and printing history 

Web Resources

  • The Wood Engravers Network is the site for people interested in engraving, whether it is on wood or Resingrave. They host a yearly conference, publish a biennial newsletter and sponsor print exchanges.
  • SAGA (Society of American Graphic Artists)  located in New York city SAGA has a membership which practices a full range of printmaking processes. SAGA sponsors national and international exhibitions, demonstrations and symposiums, and issues a newsletter. 
  • an online resource presenting a range of content relevant to the contemporary print artist, including artwork, news, resources, and critical discourse to keep abreast of developments in the field
  • Print Council of America is a professional organization of print specialists
  • Contemporary Printmaking Online Database, created through Bowling Green State University, is free to join and free to access. Their purpose is to provide one key site that makes the work of professional printmakers accessible for research and teaching purposes, as well as being available to curators, gallery directors, art consultants, and the general public.